Code & Apps

I list here a few example projects I’ve contributed to, both professionally as well as side projects just for fun. More at GitHub.

While I can’t list certain work publicly, feel free to ask if you’re looking for more specific things.

Open Source Contributions

Apollo Link Token Refresh
Custom Apollo Link for background automatic JWT token refresh
Upgraded for Apollo 3.0 compatibility.
TypeScript, Jest, React, JWT, Apollo 3.0, GraphQL
>7,100 weekly downloads (June 2020)

Context API
Landed my first React commit
(meaning upstream in the React project)
React, JavaScript, Docs

React ‘Minimum Viable Auth’ Integration
User auth without hosting your own backend
Auth0 API, TypeScript, Context API, React

“Patrick, they are very pleased with your work and role and want that to continue and expand. You have proven to be an outstanding asset and they are looking forward to more from you.”

Greg R., President, Rampup Tech


Instant low cost Kubernetes cluster
Easily stand up ultra low-cost k8s clusters.
Optional Rancher setup. Useful for stakeholder demos and ephemeral needs

Terraform module
One step setup (of the above) using Terraform

Trusted Types
Latest-gen browser security tech (shipping in Chrome) to help prevent XSS attack vectors
JavaScript, App/HTTP cross-layer nonce management, CSP, WordPress, Apache

Instant HTTP/3 client & server
Evaluate next-gen HTTP/3 features like
0-RTT and Connection ID
HTTP/3, aka ‘QUIC’, is currently in production by certain FAANGs

Storj node manifest
Earn passive income by leasing your storage resources into a decentralized cloud

Server config and best practices
I know how to earn an A+ on Mozilla Observatory and deliver top marks on Lighthouse

“He’s my hired gun.”

Jake K., Executive Creative Director, ASI

Products & Platforms

Popular photo/video licensing platform
Rails, React, Stripe + custom shopping cart flow, Redis, distributed job queue, AWS

Keet Health
Mobile app connecting physical therapy patients to providers
React Native, GraphQL, Rails, Fabric.

Fundraising & donation platform used by well-known US presidential candidates
Rails, jQuery, Stripe

“Wow, that did the trick! Thanks!”

Toni P., Microsoft MVP, link

Vintage promotional homepage
Hand-written HTML5, CSS (Flexbox), JavaScript (jQuery)

B2B landing page
Bootstrap, hand-written HTML5, CSS with graceful degradation, JavaScript (jQuery)

HTML5 layout  (written from scratch. CSS3, semantic HTML5, vanilla JavaScript ES5)

Flash, Web (the most vintage of vintage)

“You are talented, hard working, great attitude!”

Jess B., Senior Frontend Developer, Wirestone