Who are you?

I’m Patrick. I’ve been interested in technology since as long as I can remember. Over the years I’ve applied this interest into solving business problems, largely in the context of Internet-based businesses.

What do you do?

I’m at my best when creatively solving problems with smart, open minded people.

What have you done before?

Lead dev for a photo-licensing platform, donation platform, paypal.com homepage, bespoke cryptocurrency (Ethereum) apps.

2015-today: software strategic consulting

2012-15: developing private apps and advising clients in NYC. This excellent project is still going strong. Depending on the client, development was typically performed in the Rails & JavaScript ecosystem, or for clients with existing investment in the Microsoft stack, C#/.NET.
2010-12: Bespoke interactive digital media experiences for clients in different sectors
2008-9: Digital forensics
2006: Microsoft in Redmond

Vintage samples of my web development work from 2004-2012 can be found here.
Previously, I’ve worked in computer forensics, researched user experience and eye tracking, and volunteered in Japan following the Tsunami of 2011 – involving both really hard work, as well as awesome things.

I’ve hosted this website from PHP to hardware, going on 12 years now. I post details for nerds on doing this.