Discipline Crossover

Its a great feeling when you get to use skills you’ve acquired from one field and use them in another. I think its one of those things that will happen more and more often as I go on in college and life.

So I’m writing about data I took for a Data Analysis class project. We are supposed to use Minitab (statistics software) to calculate standard deviation, median/mean, plot graphs, etc. Instead of wasting time figuring out if Minitab lets you sort data, I just used GNU sort.

[email protected] paws $ sort minitabData

more power to *nix!



iPods are far too trendy. didn’t you love way back when only rich people could be the true trendsetters and tantalize us with their telltale white headphones? those days are long over.

so screw ipods. i’m getting a Creative MuVo N200 MX (Extreemly Lame Title Edition). This little guy is really cool because it has features disproportionate to its price (by Apple standards). It does a whole lot of stuff for only $25 more than an iPod shuffle, and does a lot of things the RIAA definitely hates like radio recording and line-in mp3 encoding.

without apple’s currently good pr machine the shuffle would never make it in this industry…it’ll be interesting to see if it succeeds like the ipod mini or flops like the cube. we’ll see.

screw ipods, i’m iBourgeousie.