ashlee simpson’s bodyguard

So tonight ethan’s friend from ‘s forums forwarded him a copy of paris hilton’s hacked Tmobile sidekick address book, personal notes, and pictures (!). Needless to say…someone who shall remain nameless had a wonderful time dialing every single celebrity in the book. Unfortunately most of their mailboxes were full…but there were a bunch of scandalous pictures of ms. Hilton..

almost all of the numbers were real, but their mailboxes were full. sad. but we covered a lot of ground dialing the hollywood rite-aid in ms. hiltons address book. score! a real person picked up.

later we did get ashlee simpson’s bodyguard…

body guard: “hello, who is this?”
b.p.: “hey this is bp, whos this?”
bg: “ummm…i don’t know any b.p.”
b.p: “i was just where you are”
bg: “…thats impossible”
b.p.: “…i know…sorry.”


upgraded to wordpress 1.5

so i just finished setting up wordpress 1.5 (the mysql/php-based software running this blog).
the wordpress team impresses again with really easy upgrading – they had an easy to use upgrade script that took care of the majority of the configuration details.

so now things are looking pretty hot with a new default site design and a lot of new features…i don’t know if this is new with 1.5 but apparently you can setup an email account, and when you send it mail wordpress will retrieve the message post it automatically. cool.



i just ran across a really interesting joel spolsky article .

its a pretty good overview of basic economics…and it doesn’t get boring in the least. spolsky’s articles have this way of reading like they’re very down-to-earth, plus he’s a smart guy. props to him.



iPods are far too trendy. didn’t you love way back when only rich people could be the true trendsetters and tantalize us with their telltale white headphones? those days are long over.

so screw ipods. i’m getting a Creative MuVo N200 MX (Extreemly Lame Title Edition). This little guy is really cool because it has features disproportionate to its price (by Apple standards). It does a whole lot of stuff for only $25 more than an iPod shuffle, and does a lot of things the RIAA definitely hates like radio recording and line-in mp3 encoding.

without apple’s currently good pr machine the shuffle would never make it in this industry…it’ll be interesting to see if it succeeds like the ipod mini or flops like the cube. we’ll see.

screw ipods, i’m iBourgeousie.


Hello World

I just finished setting up WordPress tonight after trying to figure out MovableType and b2evolution.