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“Anakin, I’m hit!” – a review of Episode III

Wednesday night last week was the most fun I’ve had in the movies for a long time. I’m so glad I had the chance to see Episode 3 the night it came out; it will exceed the nerd quotient for long time.

Females? I can count them on one hand. Of course there is Padmé (1); there had to be a Skywalker mom after all. Female Jedis? There was a blue Twi’lek with crazy head tails (2) who died in the same scene she is first seen in. Then there were Beru Lars (3) and Leia’s mother, Bail Organa’s wife (4) – they got to hold some babies, how becoming.

Its like the emp says “yeah, so you’re bad now” and anakin is like “sweet! i can slice me up some little kids!”

The other amazing parts were when yoda saw chewbacca, and when R2-D2 and C3-P0 were together for a good portion – but had their memories erased right before the end. Convenient. Where “convienent” = cop-out. I guess they had to include the old school characters after the utter lambasting Episode 1 got by the critics.

This is reading a little harsh for a “review”. The movie certainly was a good time, and nicely wraps the two trilogies together. Even though you know Anakin has to become all evil and heavy with the breathing, it’s like Titanic – people want to see it anyway.

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Apparently the “erase their memory” bit came because someone went to Lucas and said, “Hey, wouldn’t C-3PO have been like ‘Yo Luke, he’s your daddy’ in A New Hope?” They had to stick that in at the end so it would fit with the originals.

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