A misty fug

So yeah, Borders last Friday at midnight, buying that highly popular book. With the rest of those robe and lightning bolted kids. I’m not embarassed, although I felt out of place standing way above even the parents. I got to be lucky customer number 477, receiving my lucky treasure at ~2:30 AM. And although the Border’s crew is usually overtly helpful and nice, they were tight lipped about how many copies they receieved. From the looks of the line, at least 500.
So the popular series draws a little closer to the end…and…


Edit: To avoid a potential spoiler skip the next paragraph. But there aren’t any names mentioned either, just hints.

I finished it last night. This time around I was pleased to find things had become quite a bit more mature for a supposedly ‘junior’ novel series, with more plausible tensions and a quite significant death. No, not Harry, but someone rather important. It was quite unexpected at the time but upon reflection it will certainly help the last book’s thrill factor. Good for JK that she gets away with all of these PG-13 things in this day and age.

Regardless of how people feel about Harry Potter, I think JK is deserving of some praise. Absconding with my idealistic seeds away from the pervasive big car/fast food/short-lived marriage culture, my views of the future generation gravitate towards the cynical. But JK, you’ve turned an entire generation of kids on to reading. You had to compete with PlayStation and HDTV, and won square and fair.

I wonder what book will have me lining up at midnight next time.

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