Spring Break

the ideal fought the real

i had these big plans to go any place where the daily temperature is greater than 20 degrees…but my compadres from RIT all ended up having work this week. instead i’m going to edumacate myself in all those things i didn’t have time for before. this includes reading books on Politics™ so i can win more armchair debates, learning CSS so this site can be more awesome, and getting started on my CSH major project: the Major Project Database.

when i was a freshman in highschool, i had these wonderfully exciting dreams that college spring break would mean being in the Bahamas with my friends surrounded by hundreds of attractive top heavy (topless?) women, a handy assortment of cheap quality drinks, classy music, and the like. this is not a pipe dream! someday instead of lying back on the couch and reading Bushisms…i’ll be on a hammock under some palm trees.

By Pat Skinner

I make apps.
I love empowering people with tech, saving time, and delivering delight.
Piano player and German speaker.

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