Aperture 3 now up to date with…iPhoto

What took them so long?

When I got my MacBook Pro in 2006 it was heavily marketed with Aperture, Apple’s new pro photo management app. Yesterday I was happy to see Aperture get a long-overdue update to version 3, which is welcome, but hardly seems to do more than bring it to feature parity with last year’s release of iPhoto 8 (2009). In the meantime I’ve personally tried moving to Lightroom a few times because, you know, it actually gets regular updates and unlike Adobe’s other products that end in otoshop, is not mired in UI slurry. Unexpectedly, RAW support didn’t get a major shot in the arm. People complaining about lack of GF1 support should look here.

One thing noteworthy: evidence of a supposed Google-Apple conflict recently discussed ad nauseam by segments of the online tech community is nary to be found in this release. The Places features still uses Google Maps. While this was far easier for the developers to implement, I’m now more curious why Apple bought PlaceBase last year, (mentioned before).

Update: What conflict?

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