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Favicon update

To keep your bookmarks and RSS feed favicons looking shiny, I changed the favicon again. I was getting tired of the crusty current one which I made on a whim one day:

Passable at 64×64, but it always looked crummy at the more commonly seen 16×16:

After becoming intimately reacquainted with the various ways to disable Photoshop’s on by default selections and fill anti aliasing, I started with a 16×16 canvas this time, using the pencil tool and as per usual keeping the background transparent. This was a candidate:

But I’m happy with this new one for now- it retains the motif of circle + ‘p’ descender from onpaws -> op.

What do you think?

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WordPress Theme Reboot

I’ve realized that some web designers prefer writing their own CMS systems wrapped in custom CSS, and also that this site design is getting a little stale. So I’m going to switch to a newWordPress theme with a few new features.
Props to WP for abstracting functionality enough so theme development becomes easier.

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Trains and planes

Server is back as of a few minutes ago (thanks Kevin!)

So I’ve been car hunting the past few days so I can actually get to a job. Its pretty crazy what people are trying to sell around here. Now I’ve never bought a car before, but from the classifieds I read in today’s “Lawrence Ledger” people are either overly hopeful, or just plain naive.

$7,500. Excellent condition, leather, full power, bone color, sunroof. 112, 000 highway miles.

Sigh. I’m new to this whole car scene, but something about 112,000 miles in ~three years doesn’t sound too great.

Otherwise things at home are just like normal. Not too much to do until more friends get back. Applying for jobs is going as expected; there’s a position in Cendant Mortgage doing some HCI + web development that looks reasonably enticing.

It’s weird applying for jobs there because you’re only allowed the ‘privelege’ of talking to a computer. I filled out a lot of info online, sent them a résumé, and now…I’m supposed to wait. I have this suspicion that I’m just another row in a database table waiting for some HR guy to SELECT me out. Its all faceless and automated. Guess that’s the way the future is going to be…

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Site downtime

This site might be down for a while while RIT performs “annual maintenance” of the power system.
When I moved the server last week the grub boot config was iffy – hopefully my fixes have worked.

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Site changes

I was sitting here working on my Internetworking and OS Scripting assignments but got bored and decided to mess around with the blog.

  • Upgraded to the WordPress 1.5.1 two days ago…have yet to notice any changes, but everything still works and a security bug is apparently fixed. Yay.
  • I also added the XMLHttpRequest calendar in the sidebar; I think that sidebar is getting cluttered but not having to page refresh between months is, admittedly, pretty cool.
  • Lastly, you should write a comment and see what happens. It’s cool too.

Classes are finished for the year. I wish I felt some sense of relief…but thats not happening until finals are over.