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Site changes

I was sitting here working on my Internetworking and OS Scripting assignments but got bored and decided to mess around with the blog.

  • Upgraded to the WordPress 1.5.1 two days ago…have yet to notice any changes, but everything still works and a security bug is apparently fixed. Yay.
  • I also added the XMLHttpRequest calendar in the sidebar; I think that sidebar is getting cluttered but not having to page refresh between months is, admittedly, pretty cool.
  • Lastly, you should write a comment and see what happens. It’s cool too.

Classes are finished for the year. I wish I felt some sense of relief…but thats not happening until finals are over.

By Pat Skinner

I make apps.
Full stack web, React, Angular, iOS, Rails, DevOps.
I love helping people, saving time, and delivering delight.
I also play piano and speak German.

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