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So the past few weeks have been pretty crazy in my life; updates are in order. My courses this quarter have been the busiest and hardest ever…but still quite fun and interesting nonetheless.

Network administration has singlehandedly got me more interested in networking than ever before…now that network class no longer comprises “build an ethernet cable..derrrrr” but instead “build a secure connection for any protocol’s traffic between here and a foreign host, then hack Windows 98 LM passwords” things get pretty interesting. I spoke to the man behind RIPE, the root DNS servers in Europe, and learned how a lot of current popular tech is overly trusting and insecure (DHCP anyone?).

I was really hoping Interface Design would be more about…interface design. It turns out the course is really more about interaction design, but the prof is really fun and down to earth. (hi weez!) The team project isn’t about a computer interface [emo tear] but rather an in-sink dishwasher, affectionately titled “N*Sink.” But because I’m such an interface design junkie, I opted to take up weez’s kind offer for her grad course this Winter about real interface design. The “grad” part is kind of scary, plus only ‘stronger’ IT students have been asked to participate…but it looks really fun at the same time. I have high hopes and ambitions for this class.

Microecon is surprisingly interesting considering every lesson is a new context behind supply and demand…but the damn exam questions are pretty unfair. Every successive question is entirely dependent on the previous question’s answer…and of course I cleverly manage to get the first question not quite right, shooting myself in the foot from the start. I would like to pursue econ though, its an interesting way of seeing how the world works.

Website Design and Implementation has been largely stuff I already taught myself through running this website, but hey, now I have a class/title to support my knowledge. The team project is due next week; it’s coming along pretty well so far but its definitely crunch time.

I heard back from those crazy guys that make Windows, Office, and X-Box. They want me to start working there this January. Holy job Batman! I get more details next week but its pretty exciting so far.

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I make apps.
Full stack web, React, Angular, iOS, Rails, DevOps.
I love helping people, saving time, and delivering delight.
I also play piano and speak German.

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